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Cue Cases

You've finally made up your mind and purchased the perfect pool cue.

The next step is to find the perfect case to store it in and to use to bring your cue to your local pool hall or to play on league night.  Let's face it, a plastic grocery bag won't cut it.

Whether your cue cost $100 or $1,000, there are a few basic requirements for a good cue case.

It should have separate compartments for the butt and the shaft.  It should be rigid enough to protect the cue from accidental damage (someone sits or steps on your cue case).  It should be lined to help keep your cues clean and dry.  It should have pockets to store your tip shapers, preferred brand of chalk, and other items you need to keep your cue in top condition.

If you own several cues, we have large cue cases which will allow you to keep your equipment in one nice package.  Even if you currently own only one cue, keep in mind that someday you may wish to get a break cue or another playing cue.  A larger cue case will allow you room for "future expansion".

We carry all of the top brands of cue cases.  From your basic case that holds a single cue to the top of the line, we have you and your cues covered!

Enjoy shopping our selection.

Featured Products - Cue Cases

Instroke Cowboy INSC37 3x7 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $375.20
Save: $93.80 off
Instroke Premier INSPR22 2x2 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $135.20
Save: $33.80 off
Instroke Premier INSPR23 2x3 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $143.20
Save: $35.80 off
Instroke Premier INSPR24 2x4 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $159.20
Save: $39.80 off
Instroke Premier INSPR35 3x5 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $175.20
Save: $43.80 off
Instroke Premier INSPR37 3x7 Pool Cue Case

Sale: $183.20
Save: $45.80 off