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Cue Care

We have all the pool cue care products you need to keep the "new cue" smell?  Oh wait, that's a "new car" smell.

You want to keep your cue's tip in perfect shape and the shaft smooth and clean.

A perfectly shaped cue tip helps you win games.

A clean shaft just makes the cue feel so much better in your hand.  It also intimidates your opponent when he sees your beautiful, clean cue and then looks at his grundgy one.

We have all the stuff you need here.  Tip shapers of every style and description.  So many different ways to clean your shaft your head will spin.

Pool Cue Care Products.  You Want Them.  We Have Them.

Featured Products - Cue Care

Tiger Glue

Sale: $9.56
Save: $2.39 off
Kamui Gator Grip

$39.95  $34.95
Save: $5.00 off
Q Wiz Shaft Cleaner

Sale: $6.36
Save: $1.59 off
Tiger Shaft Smoother and Burnisher

Sale: $7.96
Save: $1.99 off
Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner

Sale: $8.76
Save: $2.19 off
Cue Doctor Dent Buffer

Sale: $10.36
Save: $2.59 off