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Stinger Cues

At pool league and in bars, you see many people with killer break strokes and the seemingly effortless ability to jump a ball.  Do they possess some sort of special skill?  Sometimes.  But more often than not, they are using the proper tools to achieve these results.

The tool you need is the Stinger Break/Jump Cue by McDermott Cues.

The Stinger Cue has been engineered to take the energy of your hit and transfer it to the center of the shaft, no matter where you hit on the tip.  It's basically self-correcting.  This enormous "sweet spot" allows you to get the shot you intended even if you mis-cued!  You can't go wrong.

A Stinger Jump/Break Cue will help you improve your game.  You will be able to break harder, jump easier, and play with increased accuracy and control.  The end result is that you will sink more balls and win more games.

Sting the competition with your new Stinger Jump/Break Cue.