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Sneaky Pete Cues

Sneaky Pete pool cues are styled to look like the low quality, well used cues that the pool hall would have hanging on their wall.  They are sometimes called "Hustler" cues because an experienced pool hustler doesn't want anyone to know that's he's using his own, well playing cue.

Traditionally, a Sneaky Pete is a simple, plain pool cue crafted using the traditional 4 prong assembly method.  Some people believe that this method of construction gives the cue a better "hit", while others feel it's the wood to wood joint that makes this style of cue feel so different.

Our collection of Sneaky Pete cues range from basic two piece traditional wood cues to beautiful, inlay, high technology cues.

Many of the cues have a wood to wood joint which does give a distinctive "hit".  Some of the others have a phenolic joint.  There is one to suit you!

Allow your inner "Hustler" to run free - play with a Sneaky Pete cue.