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Cues $300 - $500

You've been playing with you old, faithful, plain Jane pool cue.  You've started to notice that more often than not, you win when you step up to the table.  Your starting to look at the other players fancy, high tech cues and wondering if that's why they play so well.  Time to face the facts, you may have outgrown your cue.

Yes, it happens.

You don't need to worry if you can make that next shot - you know you can.  Your confidence in your game has increased.   You wouldn't mind if your equipment shows a little flash.  You are ready for the quantum leap in high technology features that this range of cue can offer you!

The cues on offer in this section are some of our most popular.  You get everything you need in a high technology cue, plus exceptional good looks and lifetime warranties.

Browse the selection, check out the specifications, and pick out your new cue today!

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Featured Products

G707 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$792.00
Save: US$88.00 off
G709 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$796.50
Save: US$88.50 off
G802 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$850.50
Save: US$94.50 off
G803 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$877.50
Save: US$97.50 off
G804 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$922.50
Save: US$102.50 off
G805 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$922.50
Save: US$102.50 off
G901 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$967.50
Save: US$107.50 off
G902 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$990.00
Save: US$110.00 off
G903 McDermott Pool Cue

Sale: US$1,012.50
Save: US$112.50 off