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Cues Over $800

You work hard.  You look after everything for those around you.  You've been playing pool for years.  You enjoy it.  You find it gives you something to focus your energy on and it allows you to relax after a hard day.

You've earned it.  You deserve the very best.  You'll find it here.

These cues are the cream of the crop, top drawer, best of the best, pick of the litter, a tour de force, well you get the idea.

Each cue in this section can be considered a work of art.  They are the top of the line from the industries top cue manufacturers.  Only the best quality woods, inlays, and other materials are used.  They incorporate all of the latest pool cue technology.

These cues are great playing, absolutely beautiful to look at, and will make you feel good playing with them.

Buy yourself one today.  You deserve it.