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Tiger Sniper Cue Tip - QTTSNP1

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For your game at it's best, demand precision at it's best.

The Sniper by Tiger pool cue tip is made from tanned boar hide.  In a process which takes up to a year, each hide is tanned underground, without chemicals.  The hides receive additional treatment at the Tiger factory and then are laminated using a unique VACULAM process.  Tiger's "Advanced Pressurized Process" treatment further ensures that no air remains between the layers.

Sniper tips are a adaptable to any player for any game.  They provide maximum control, consistency, will hold chalk, and not mushroom.

These medium hard tips are 14 mm in diameter.

Sniper tips are sold individually.

Buy a Sniper by Tiger pool cue tip today.

Material: Traditionally tanned boar hide.
Size: 14 mm
Hardness: Medium hard.
Quantity per box: 1
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